In the CRM module we make use of a Contacts list to link tickets to the applicable person requesting the task. In addition to the contact, you can also create a Company and link contacts to the Company. This provides valuable information used during reporting. A company's email domain name can also be stored on the Company which allows the system to automatically link Contacts with an email address associated with the domain to the Company.

How to create a Company

Click on the CRM Contacts icon and select menu item Companies

Click on the + New Contact Company button 

Enter the company's information as requested on the screen and click on Save.

Click on Contact Companies to return to the Companies list

All Contacts with the same domain name as the Company in their email address, will be listed in the Contacts section on the company view


You can also create a new company by clicking on the + icon next to any Company fields 

e.g. on the add/edit Contact screens