Each agent on the CRM module must be allocated to a Group. This group can be a specific function in your business process e.g. manual capture, verification or approval of another agent's task, etc. or it can be a specific team or department in your company. It all dependents on how your company is structure and which role is responsible for a specific task.


If John and Mary are both in the Call Centre team, however John only deals with new application (for which ever service you perform) and Mary only deals with existing client's support enquiries.

In this scenario it will be advisable to setup 2 groups; One for "New Client Application" and one for "Support", instead of creating one group called "Call Centre".

It is important the the group's role or task within the business process is clearly defined in the group's description. Each task in the business process will be allocated to a specific Task Group. Ensure that your business process is mapped out and that you have a name or role allocated to each step in the process before creating your groups.


Tasks relating to clients requesting to make use of your service will be allocated to the "New Client Application" group where John will be able to view and select the task to action.

How to create a new Ticket Group

Click on the CRM Contacts icon and select menu item Ticket Groups

Click on the New Ticket Group button

Capture the name and description for the task

Click on the Save button to save the information and complete this step


Return to the Ticket Group list if you which to add another group

Once you have created the groups, you can now assign agents to each group