In this Solution article we show you how to setup Scheduled Reports which will be emailed to you.

The Scheduled Reports function gives you the ability to customize the system and the way you receive the data metrics in an even more personalized manner.

How to setup personalized Scheduled Reports:

- After you have successfully created your Report Definition (see solutions article here) you can use the following steps to setup a Scheduled Report:


- Navigate to the Scheduled Reports Menu icon (listed under the Reports sub section)


- On the Report Schedule page you will be able to see a list of all the scheduled reports as shown below.

- Click on the +New Report Schedule button:


- Select the previously created  Report Definition from the drop down list:


- Tick the Enabled setting to activate the scheduled report.

- You will be able to edit the above mentioned preference at any time to disable the scheduled report (and enable it when relevant again).


- Select the occurrence of the report in the drop down list as shown below:

- Depending on your selection, the relevant fields will be populated.

STEP 5.1:

- Daily (Once a week)

STEP 5.2:

- Weekly (More than once a week)

STEP 5.3:

- The same day each month

STEP 5.4:

- The same day each year

STEP 5.5:

- The same week each year


- After you have chosen your preference occurrence settings as shown in step 5, click on the save button in the bottom right corner.

- You can edit these details at any time

- Click on the +New Report Recipient to add recipients of the report.


- Select a user (who is loaded on your system) from the drop down menu.

STEP 7.1:

- You are also able to send the report to people who are not users on the system

- Tick the Custom Email setting for a field to populate where you are able to type a custom email address.

Great Job! You have successfully setup a Scheduled report.

  • Once you have finished, click on the save button in the bottom right corner.
  • You will be able to do this process multiple times to add all the users you would like to receive the report.
  • Your report is now ready and will be delivered according to your preferences.