In this article, we will explain How to Sign a Document, that is send to your Smartphone from the i-Docs system via SMS or E-mail.


You will receive an SMS from the i-Docs System, that looks like the image displayed below. Click on the link shown in the SMS.


After you have clicked on the link, you will see a new image as displayed below with an OTP Number. Click on the link again.


It will take you to the following site, where you will be asked to put in the OTP Number you received in the SMS.

Once you have typed in the OTP Number, you must click on the Verify Button.


It will then take you to the following screen (see below), where you can access the Form 16 Pack and also where you can Enter Your Signature.

If you click on the Form 16 Pack, it will open in a New Tab, where the Form 16 Pack will be displayed to you.

If you click on Download, you will download the Form 16 Pack to your device.

After you have read the Form 16 Pack, return to the First Tab and you will see this screen again.


After you have Signed the Form - Click on Save.


After you have pressed the Save Button, you will see the Upload Supporting Document Screen.

To see more specifically how to upload documents please follow this link